Suriname and the EU


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Every day we see deepening tensions between the US and China with clashes over a variety of issues. Positions are hardening with advocates of decoupling in the ascendancy in both Washington and Beijing. This US-China strategic rivalry will probably be the dominant organising principle for global politics, regardless who wins the next presidential US elections. In that context, we need to hold our nerve and frame our own EU approach. I would like to reflect here about a few principles that should guide us

The Internet plays a vital role in our lives, which is why we need to protect ourselves against cyber-attacks. Today, the EU imposed its first-ever cyber sanctions, to defend its citizens and companies from cyber threats.

We are celebrating the World Day against Trafficking in Persons, raising awareness for an issue many times invisible, but still present in our societies. The EU has been working on the prevention and fight against human trafficking through its actions on the ground and through the collaboration at local and international levels.

After tough negotiations, EU leaders agreed an ambitiously funded recovery package. With this deal, the EU demonstrates its internal resilience and solidarity. This is vital for European citizens but it also provides the basis for Europe to engage the wider world. Our internal unity determines our external strength.

À l'issue de négociations ardues, les dirigeants de l'UE sont convenus d'un plan de relance financé de manière ambitieuse. Avec cet accord, l'UE montre sa résilience et sa solidarité internes. Ce résultat, qui revêt une importance vitale pour les citoyens européens, jette également les bases du rapport de l'Europe au reste du monde. Notre unité interne détermine notre force extérieure.

Tras arduas negociaciones, los dirigentes de la UE han acordado un paquete de recuperación financiado de forma ambiciosa. Con este acuerdo, la UE demuestra su resiliencia y solidaridad internas, lo que es vital para los ciudadanos europeos, pero también sienta las bases de las interacciones de Europa con el mundo entero. Nuestra unidad interna determina nuestra fortaleza exterior.

Al termine di ardui negoziati, i leader dell'UE hanno concordato un pacchetto per la ripresa finanziato in modo ambizioso. Con questa intesa l'UE dimostra la propria resilienza e solidarietà interne che, oltre a essere fondamentali per i cittadini europei, forniscono all'Europa la base necessaria per relazionarsi con il resto del mondo. La nostra unità interna determina la nostra forza esterna.

Após negociações difíceis, os dirigentes da UE chegaram a acordo quanto a um pacote de recuperação financiado de forma ambiciosa. Com este acordo, a UE dá provas da sua resiliência interna e solidariedade, o que é crucial para os cidadãos europeus, mas lança também as bases da interação da Europa com o resto do mundo. A nossa unidade interna é que determina a nossa força externa.

The European Union (EU) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) reaffirm their joint efforts to increase resilience against climate change impacts in Suriname with the signing of the second phase of Global Climate Change Alliance project (GCCA+).

The European Union and the United Nations Development Programme are on track to continue their collaboration on joint climate change adaptation actions to support Suriname’s resilience against the effects of climate change, with a total grant budget of 5,500,000 EURO.

Water is life. We can survive several days without eating but not without drinking. Water is also the basic ingredient, essential to the production of all kind of food, whether vegetable or animal. This is why the issue of access to fresh water has always been central for humans, and has therefore always been a source of many conflicts. Inherently linked to climate change, economic development and population growth, however, these conflicts are today taking on an increasingly worrying dimension: access to water is becoming one of the main geopolitical issues of our century.