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Strengthening Migration Governance in Nigeria and Sustainable Reintegration of Returning Migrants

08/01/2019 - 16:02
Migration and Border Management

The overall objective of the proposed action is to contribute to strengthening the governance of migration and sustainable reintegration of returning migrants in Nigeria.


The main suggested results consist in:

  • National Migration Policy Action plan is implemented through projects activities;
  • National capacities for migration data management, coordination and dissemination strengthened;
  • A National Border Management Strategy for Nigeria will be developed and endorsed, under NIS leadership, providing a clear vision of GoN’s approach to practical border management geared toward development and trade, national and regional security, and the protection of vulnerable migrants. National diaspora policy has been finalised and adopted;
  • Internal guidelines for determination of needs based reintegration assistance, formulation of reintegration plans and related monitoring established;
  • Up to 3,800 returning migrants (from EU and transit countries) are provided with sustainable reintegration assistance including referral to socio-economic opportunities available in the country;
  • National coordination structures and capacities for reintegration of returnees enhanced;
  • Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) as a local referral mechanism is established in Edo state to enhance migrant assistance and information services;
  • Increased information and awareness among potential migrants on the consequences of irregular migration and the opportunities for regular migration;
  • Operational and technical capacities of national institutions and CSOs on awareness raising are reinforced; 
  • National Labour Migration policy implemented through pilot projects.


Main accomplishments to date:

  • Contract signed in April 2017;
  • Launching event took place in Abuja on 20 July 2017;
  • Social Advisory Board (SAB) and Technical Working Committee (TWC) on Labour Migration convened respectively on 25th and 26th October, 2017 in Abuja;
  • Four pilot projects were identified for the implementation of the National Policy on Labour Migration (NPLM) Action Plan;
  • The second phase of the Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) being established in Benin City, Edo State is also in progress;
  • IOM has continued to provide support to FMLE in the administration and management of the National Electronic Labour Exchange (NELEX) web portal;
  • How to start and improve your business (SIYB) training for 60 returnees in Benin city on 19-21 December 2017;
  • Project Steering Committee meeting on the 15th of December;
    • 8803 migrants received reception support and immediate assistance (incl. cash grant for immediate needs, registration, profiling, first medical assistance) (April 2017 – July 2018) 
    • 4752 migrants received reintegration counselling and were screened for vulnerabilities (vulnerable cases include unaccompanied children, victims of trafficking, persons with health-related needs)
    • 2456 migrants are processing general reintegration support (incl. trainings, referrals, medical assistance, psycho-social support)
    • 971 migrants received complementary reintegration assistance (incl. support in the set-up of individual, collective or community projects)


Source of funds:     EU Emergency Trust Fund (Ref: T05-EUTF-SAH-NG-04-01)

Total budget (EUR): 15.5M

Implementing period: 36 months 

Implementing agencies: IOM

Geographical region: Federal + pilot states 

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