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EU Funded Trust Fund for Capacity Building in Borno State On PFM, Monitoring and Evaluation and Coordination

03/01/2019 - 14:55
Regional overview

The EU TF aims at improving the effectiveness of recovery interventions in Borno by strengthening its fiduciary and PFM systems, building its M&E capacity and enhancing intergovernmental and interagency coordination. The overall objective is to increase the absorptive capacity of the state government in order to improve the effectiveness of recovery in Borno.

Expected Results:

  • Strengthening fiduciary systems and building PFM systems and capacities;
  • Building state level M&E systems and capacity;
  • Intergovernmental and interagency coordination. 

Main Activities:

  • Strengthening public procurement;
  • Strengthening financial management of recovery interventions;
  • Revenue mobilization;
  • Fiscal transparency and accountability;
  • Development of a state level dashboard of recovery activities in Borno, to be interoperable as a component of the national dashboard;
  • Geo-spatial solutions can remotely capture a range of information for recovery purposes and offer several functionalities;
  • Enhancing state level capacity through high frequency data collection using mobile phones for evaluation;
  • At state level, the work-plan aims at building the capacity of the ministry of RRR;
  • Strengthening coordination between the state government and the newly established North-East Development Commission (NEDC) headquartered in Maiduguri;
  • Strengthening horizontal coordination at local government level;
  • Multi-Donor Trust Fund, it is expected that the EU-funded vehicle will help convene donors and coordinate their interventions under a joint platform. 

Main accomplishments to date: 

  • Administration Agreement signed with the World Bank for the implementation of the project; funds have also been disbursed for pre-financing of the project;
  • Mobilisation of technical assistance for monitoring, evaluation and coordination of various interventions under the MDTF is on-going;
  • Launch event in Maiduguri: 6 August 2018.  



Source of funds: 11th EDF (CRIS ref: FED/ 2017 / 040-165)

Total budget (EUR): 143M

Implementation period: 3 years (2017 – 2019)

Implementing agencies: World Bank

Geographical region: Borno State

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