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EU Support to Response, Recovery and Resilience in Borno State (9-12 Contracts)

11/12/2018 - 14:07
Regional overview

The main objective of the proposed action is building the resilience of conflict affected people and public sector institutions in Borno State in an environment-friendly way.


The main objective of the proposed action is building the resilience of conflict affected people and public sector institutions in Borno State in an environment-friendly way.

  • Integrated PHC services strengthened, particularly for rural women and children under five;
  • Functionality of the health care provision improved through adequate and qualified health personnel, adequate supplies and infrastructures;
  • Effective delivery and utilization of critical nutrition interventions and promotion of key nutrition behavioural practices through PHC and community based nutrition networks ensured;
  • Safe water and sanitation infrastructure is rehabilitated/built and good hygiene is promoted;
  • Schools are rehabilitated, equipped, secured, and staffed with appropriately trained teachers, so that more girls and boys have access to emergency education services;
  • The State's capacity, coordination and resources available for education are strengthened, and Communities are empowered to demand better quality education services from the State
  • Youth are provided with accelerated learning, and/or training related to employment opportunities;
  • Electricity infrastructure in particular for clinics, schools and water supply improved, notably through use of renewables and energy efficient installations.
  •  Livelihood and employment opportunities linked to afforestation, food security and nutrition-sensitive agriculture, waste and debris management and urban renewal are promoted;
  • Vocational training provided and skills of displaced people developed;
  • Social protection systems and safety nets for conflict affected people and those affected or at risk of undernutrition, in particular women and youth, established or improved;
  • Returns to places of origin or resettlements are accompanied and (re)integration in communities is facilitated with supporting measures.
  • Public financial management and statistical systems of the Borno State Government are strengthened;
  • Selected Local Governance Authorities (LGA's) are strengthened for a restoration of local public sector authority, fiscal management and capacity for service delivery to the citizens.
  •  The capacities of the Federal Government and Borno State authorities to coordinate development partners and monitor the response to the crisis are strengthened.
  •  Individual contracts signed and project formally launched in Maiduguri January 2018;
  •  On-going negotiations and or tendering for remaining contracts.
  • 10 M EUR top-up expected to be approved by November 2018 to pave the way for additional contracts related to education services.
  • EU Maida Recovery Support Programme for Borno State (MaReSP) – Mercy Corps, EUR 15m;
  • Building Resilience in Borno – ACF, EUR 15m;
  •  Restoring and Strengthening Health Services in Borno State – IRC, EUR 7.18m;
  • High Impact, easy-to-scale up, comprehensive Health, Nutrition, WaSH and Livelihood package in Borno State – ALIMA, EUR 14m;
  • Integrated Community Recovery and Resilience in Borno State (IC2RB) – UNDP, EUR 15m;
  • EU Support to Waste Recovery in Borno State (SWRB) – UNDP, EUR 7m;
  •  Solar Electrification of Rural Social Services for Stability in alignment with UN Health Cluster and Borno State – DfID, EUR 5.67m;
  • EU Support to Social Stability and Recovery in Borno State – NRC, EUR 12.53m;
  • Restoring and promoting sustainable agriculture based livelihoods for food security, employment, and nutrition improvement in Borno State – FAO/UN Women/WFP, EUR 20m.
  • Education – Rider for additional €10M after the mid-term review of the 11th EDF NIP. This has passed the QRG of June 2018.
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