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EU EOM Chief Observer Lukas Mandl in Pristina highlights EU commitment to supporting Kosovo’s democratic elections

Pristina, 28/09/2021 - 14:40, UNIQUE ID: 210928_10
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At the press conference in Pristina, the Chief Observer, Lukas Mandl, Member of the European Parliament from Austria, officially launched the mission and stated: "This is the third EU election observation mission (EOM) to observe municipal elections, and the sixth EU EOM in Kosovo since 2013. It demonstrates the EU’s strong commitment to supporting Kosovo’s democratic governance. Our mission started its long-term observation activities more than one month prior to election day and focuses on the entire electoral process.”

During the two-day visit in Kosovo, the Chief Observer holds meetings with the Central Election Commission, the Prime Minister, representatives of political entities and candidates and civil society representatives to discuss the ongoing electoral process. “I was informed that the preparations for the elections are well under way and all efforts are being undertaken to ensure the safety of voters, poll workers, and all citizens despite the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting our lives,” said Lukas Mandl, and added: “As far as the campaign is concerned, we are aware of the increased importance of online campaigning accelerated by COVID-19 related risks. For the first time in Kosovo, the EU EOM has a dedicated social media analyst among its experts and a team of social media monitors to assess the role that digital communication plays in the elections.”

A core team of 10 analysts arrived in Pristina on 5 September, and 22 long-term observers were deployed across Kosovo on 16 September to cover all 38 municipalities. A delegation of Members of the European Parliament as well as short term observers including EU Member States’ representatives in Pristina will join the mission shortly before the election day. In total, around 100 observers from EU Member States, Norway, and Switzerland, will observe the voting and counting process on 17 October. The EU EOM will issue a preliminary statement after the elections and will remain in Kosovo until the completion of the electoral process, including possible second round of mayoral elections on 14 November.

Following an invitation from the President of Kosovo, the European Union has deployed an election observation mission (EOM) to Kosovo to observe the 17 October municipal elections. The EU EOM assesses the extent to which the electoral process is complying with Kosovo’s laws, as well as with international standards for democratic elections. The mission is independent in its findings and conclusions and is bound by a code of conduct which requires strict neutrality and non-interference.

For further information, please contact the press officer of the EU EOM Kosovo 2021.

Marek Mracka,
Press Officer,

EU EOM Kosovo 2021, +383 48 798 326

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