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Japan’s removal from the so-called EU travel ‘white list’

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Entry restrictions into the EU for people travelling from Japan

EU News 25/2021

Reflecting current pandemic developments, the Council of the European Union on 28 January 2021 decided that Japan be removed from its list of countries for which restrictions on non-essential travel to the EU should be gradually lifted.

The decision comes after the European Commission proposed on 25 January that criteria that serve as the basis for revising the list be updated to reflect the latest scientific advice.

In practical terms, this means that for reasons of public health and safety, depending on implementation by Member States, non-essential travel from Japan into the EU should no longer be possible.

EU citizens and other nationals with long-term residency in the EU, as well as their family members, may still travel from Japan to the EU. For these cases, the Commission has proposed amongst other things mandatory PCR testing before departure, and proof of negative result.

Following the decision of the Council, it is now up to the authorities of individual EU Member States to implement it. Individual travellers are therefore asked to refer to information provided by each EU Member State on rules, safeguards and precautionary measures applicable.

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