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New IPARD public call for the support of processing

06/09/2019 - 17:15
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€ 15.6 million in grants

The Montenegrin Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development announced a new public call for EU-funded agricultural support for processing, through which farmers will receive €15.6 million of non-refundable funding. The interested farmers can apply for projects with eligible costs ranging from €40,000 to €1.5 million.

Through this tool, the EU provides the beneficiaries with financial and technical help with the aim of making the agricultural sector more sustainable.

Eligible investments include construction, reconstruction or furnishing of facilities, procurement of equipment, as well as construction, reconstruction or equipping of the plants for the production of energy from renewable sources, the introduction of food safety systems, and product quality management. IPARD users can be micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, as well as cooperatives.

For the period 2014-2020, IPARD has an indicative budget of €1.1 billion from the EU budget. Each country also contributes through national public funding. The beneficiaries may also have to fund a share of the project. The current candidate countries and beneficiaries are: Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey.


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