EU-ROK Cyber Consultations, 6-7 October 2020

07/10/2020 - 08:03
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The European Union and the Republic of Korea have recognised the need to address important cybersecurity challenges by enhancing cybersecurity resilience and intensifying international cooperation, including at the bilateral level.

Therefore, the EU in cooperation with GMF and EUISS as well as with the National Security Research Institute (NSR) as a Korean partner, are organising the EU-RoK Cyber Consultations on 6-7 October. These consultations, which take place in the form of a track 1.5 seminar, bring together a range of European and Korean policymakers and researchers to discuss cybersecurity.

The consultations cover four key topics in the cyber field: (1) Building Resilient Critical Infrastructures in Crisis; (2) Building Trust to Prevent Cyber Conflict Escalation; (3) Session 3: Managing the Geopolitics of 5G; and (4) Session 4: Combatting Cybercrime.

The EU Ambassador to the RoK, H.E. Castillo Fernandez, delivered welcoming remarks to the event, focusing on the importance of EU-RoK cooperation in enhancing the resilience of infrastructures for both partners. She highlighted the need for a stable and rules-based international order in cyberspace, in dialogue with strategic partners like the RoK. Ambasador Castillo Fernandez also presented the latest developments in the EU cybersecurity policy framework and stressed that lessons can be learned from the RoK’s expertise in cyber security.

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