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Da Vinci Talks, 26-28 November, Sydney

29/10/2019 - 05:10
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To mark the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, and to coincide with the Louvre’s blockbuster exhibition about the artist, a series of public talks will be held on the topics of Da Vinci; Renaissance Men (Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael); and Notre-Dame in Sydney from 26-28 November. The EU Delegation to Australia is a proud partner of these talks.


When Leonardo da Vinci died in Amboise in 1519, nobles and scholars of the time wept over the loss of a great man rather than a great artist. Five centuries later, he is regarded as an unsurpassable ideal. Now, as then, his spirit and his art represent the fundamental qualities of the genius and the gentleman. His curiosity towards both nature and culture, his universal way of thinking, and his quest for progress to serve his community make him a benchmark for artists and scientists, as well as politicians and philosophers. This talk asks the question: how has the great master Leonardo da Vinci inspired us across the centuries?

When: Tuesday, 26 November, from 6-8 PM

Tickets: From $35 here.



Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael – their success and reputations made them legends in their own time. Five centuries later, these three artists define our understanding of the Renaissance. But behind those larger-than-life personalities were three individuals with unique characters and career paths, who experienced triumphs, doubts and pitfalls as part of their lives and work. They embody an era when craftsmen evolved into artists, when creation was torn between command requirements and innovation, when society underwent definitive change, and so their histories resonate with us more than ever.

When: Thursday 28 November, from 6-8 PM

Tickets: From $35, here.


The fire on April 15th, 2019 at the Notre-Dame de Paris was watched by the entire world, sparking an unprecedented wave of emotions. The Parisian cathedral, deeply rooted in the French capital landscape for eight centuries, has become a fully-fledged character in the history of France: its building, restoration and the events that took place there, either real or imaginary, have captured the world’s imagination. Seven months after the disaster, we can look back on the real and legendary fate of one of the most remarkable and iconic monuments the Middle Ages gave us.

When: Wednesday 27 November, from 6-8PM

Tickets: From $35, here.


Jacques Le RouxJacques Le Roux is the Paris-based Director of Content for Point Parole, a cultural agency – now part of the Beaux Arts & Cie media group – that he founded in 2015 to offer the services of multilingual arts historians as guides to corporate events held in museums and cultural sites.
Jacques has worked for the cultural department of the Musée du Louvre, has degrees in Art History (Ecole du Louvre) and Economics (Paris II Assas), and is a certified national speaker-guide.
A conversation between Jacques Le Roux and Matthew Westwood, chief arts correspondent of The Australian, will round off the talks.

A Q&A session with Jacques Le Roux led by Matthew Westwood, the chief arts correspondent of The Australian newspaper, will round off the talks.




26/11/2019 - 28/11/2019

National Art School
Forbes & Burton St, Darlinghurst

2010 Sydney