Pitcairn and the EU

26/05/2016 - 16:14
EU relations with Country

The Pitcairns are a group of 4 small islands in the middle of the south Pacific with a population of just 50.

Key issues

  • remoteness – very difficult to increase regional and international contacts.
  • fragile economy – heavily dependent on a small number of niche activities (sales of postage stamps and coins, revenue from the registration of internet domains, handicrafts, interest on investments, etc.).

EU and Pitcairn

As a British Overseas Territory, Pitcairn does not fully participate in the EPA or the regional integration process.

Development cooperation

Past EU assistance

In ??, the EU provided funding of €350,000 to reconstruct the Hill of Difficulty road.

In 2000-13, the EU provided €4.8 million to promote the tourism sector, in support of Pitcairn’s Strategic Development Plan, to create viable sources of income as an alternative to external budget support.

Current EU assistance

In 2014-20, EU funding  of €2.4 million will again concentrate on tourism services.

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