Palau and the EU

European Union and Trinidad & Tobago: Partnering for Sustainable Development 2000-2020

08/05/2020 - 09:46

The European Union Delegation to Trinidad and Tobago was officially opened in 1976. Located in Port of Spain, it is one of 140 EU Delegations around the world.

The relationship between Trinidad and Tobago and the European Union (EU) has progressed from one based on development cooperation to a more comprehensive partnership that also addresses political issues, security, economic and trade relations, and other areas of mutual interest between the two partners in national development.

This publication highlights select projects and programmes of this deepening and increasingly important partnership. Enhanced cooperation between the EU and Trinidad and Tobago has brought benefits to the business, agriculture and health sectors and boosted the nation’s progress through support to infrastructure development, crime and security, as well as protection of the environment and human rights.

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