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Declaration from HR/VP Josep Borrell on the terrorist attack in Niger

Bruxelles, 12/12/2019 - 13:30, UNIQUE ID: 191212_13
Statements by the HR/VP

Yesterday’s terrorist attack in Inatès in Niger in which around a hundred people lost their lives, including more than 70 Nigerien soldiers, is another painful reminder of the worsening security situation in the Sahel. 

The European Union wishes to express its condolences to and solidarity with the relatives of the victims and the Nigerien people.

Those who seek to weaken us will not prevail. We need a stronger collective long-term response to combat the root causes of terrorism and instability.

At this difficult time, the European Union reiterates its determination to support Niger’s efforts to bring security to its citizens, to extend the authority of the State to vulnerable areas, and to develop the country.

We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Niger and all the Sahel countries in this fight against terrorism.


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