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Remarks by High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell upon arrival at the Foreign Affairs Council

Brussels, 20/01/2020 - 13:00, UNIQUE ID: 200120_6

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Q. How do you perceive the results of the Berlin Conference on Libya? 

Yesterday was a good day, we created a good momentum. Both parties have already agreed to put forward the names of five representatives for the military talks. We have to use this momentum in order to advance the solution. We have to congratulate the German initiative.

Today, we have quite a busy agenda as always, we will talk about Libya for sure but also about climate diplomacy. Everybody knows that our climate policy requires a strong support and other countries are trying to follow us or to do the same thing as us. 

On Sahel, I will debrief the Ministers on the Conference called by President [of France, Emmanuel] Macron in Pau last week. 

These are going to be the most important issues on today’s agenda


Q. On EU action in Libya

We will discuss this. There are several possibilities but you know a ceasefire requires someone to take care of it. We cannot say ‘this is a ceasefire’ and then forget about it. 

To control the arms embargo there are several possibilities and the Ministers will have to decide what to do in order to help implement the agreement of yesterday’s Conference.


Q. On EU Naval Force Mediterranean Operation Sophia 

I think we have to revive it, yes. We will talk about it. 


Q. Can you imagine sending troops there? 

Let us see what the Ministers think about it. 


Q. On the next steps following the Berlin Conference on Libya

Nobody has agreed to anything yet so I cannot guess what will be the solutions. It is clear that the arms embargo requires a level of control and if you want to keep the ceasefire alive, someone has to monitor it. United Nations, African Union, or the European Union, someone has to do it. We cannot let the ceasefire work by itself, but we do not know [yet] how to manage it. We will see, I cannot guess what decisions the Ministers will take. 


Q. On sending troops to Libya

I understand that sending troops is something new but we are not talking about anything concrete before talking in the Council. 


Q. What can be the role of the EU on the ground?

We will discuss and we will let you know afterwards.


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