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Calling small holder farmers to scale up technologies developed by KALRO

03/03/2021 - 12:20
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The call for upscaling technologies developed by KALRO and partners to enhance agricultural productivity, value addition and income generation for smallholder farmers in Kenya has been published.

KALRO is inviting interested entities and organizations working with small-holder farmers, pastoralists and fisher-folk to submit proposals to upscale and promote adoption of existing proven and climate smart technologies that have been developed by KALRO and its partners.

Proposals that are innovative, need based and promote agribusiness along the value chain continuum from pre-production, production, processing, storage, trading, logistics and consumption have the highest chance of winning. It is expected that actions under this call will strengthen capacity of rural communities to access and adopt technologies and subsequently result in increased production, job creation and incomes.

Priority value chains and technologies for upscaling

Lot 1: 4 new high nutrient rich and high yielding bean varieties- Angaza, Metameta, Nyota and Faida (developed at Kalro Katumani)

Lot 2: 3 new high yielding green gram varieties - Ndengu Tosha, Biashara and Karembo (developed at Kalro Katumani)

Lot 3: 2 new grain amaranth varieties - TerereSmart and KATGOLD – developed at Kalro Katumani

Lot 4: 1 new white sorghum variety (KM 32 -1) for food and with high malting quality (developed at Kalro Katumani)

Lot 5: 3 new cowpea varieties resistant to parasitic weeds- Tumaini, Tamu, Soko and Kat-Kunde (developed at KALRO Katumani)

Lot 6: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) technologies for control of fruit fly and seed weevil in mangoes (developed at KALRO Kandara)

Lot 7: Integrated Management technologies for control of pests and disease losses in Avocados (developed at KALRO Kandara)

Lot 9: Improved fish rearing technologies – Developed at KMFRI Sagana

Lot 10: Improved Small ruminant technologies to improve productivity – (developed at KALRO Marsabit and kiboko)

Lot 11: 4 Grass ecotypes for pasture production, range reseeding and rehabilitation of degraded rangeland - Cenchrus ciliaris, Chloris roxburghiana, Eragrostis superba, Rhodes grass and Enteropogon macrostachyus–
(developed at KALRO Kiboko)

Lot 12: Improved camel management and production technologies (developed at KALRO Marsabit)

Lot 13 Kalro improved indigenous chicken – (developed at KALRO Naivasha)

See more details in the notice below: PDF icon KALRO AgriFI call.pdf