Mayotte and the EU

Mayotte and the EU

06/10/2016 - 14:56
EU relations with Country

The EU and French overseas department Mayotte share close cooperation ties. With the change in status of Mayotte into an outermost region of the European Union in 2014, these ties have been further reinforced.

EU provides assistance to Mayotte in the form of developmental aid. Prior to 2014, Mayotte was receiving EU funding under the framework of the European Development Fund, as set out in the Overseas Association Decision. Under the 9th EDF territorial allocation, the main focal sector of intervention in Mayotte has been in the environmental sector. Under the 10th EDF territorial allocation, EU assisted Mayotte, via budget support, in the implementation of its development plan, and hence contributed in facilitating the transition of Mayotte to become an outermost region of the EU as from 1st January 2014. Mayotte also benefits from technical assistance in the public finance domain.

Following the change in status to outermost region of the EU in 2014, Mayotte now benefits from EUs structural funds.

The 9th EDF focused on the environmental sector, with assistance provided in the solid waste sector, the rain water drainage network and reforestation to halt soil erosion problems.

Under the 10th EDF regional programme, Mayotte and the Terres Australes et Antarctiques Francaises (TAAFs) receive some EUR 3 million under the 10th EDF regional programme in order to protect their marine resources.

The overall aim of the programme is to ensure the sustainable management of the natural heritage of Mayotte and the "îles Eparses”.

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