European Union Forest planted in Mexico

09/09/2017 - 00:00
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The EU is committed to environmental sustainability and to fighting climate change. In Mexico, the EU Delegation embarked on an interactive awareness-raising campaign about environmental protection which culminated with the planting of a new forest, providing a concrete example of how our commitments are translated into action.

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Mexico is now host to a "European Union Forest" of 1500 trees thanks to a flurry of virtual planting by Mexican citizens from 3 cities in June. Raising awareness about climate change and what each and every one of us – around the world – can do to combat it, the EU Delegation to Mexico invited  people to plant a virtual tree, score a goal for climate change or cycle to recharge their mobile phones.

On 9 September, the Delegation made good on the virtual pledges and planted 1500 trees with the help of volunteers.