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Message of H.E. Peter MICHALKO, Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova, on the occasion of the launch of EU Green Week 2020

Chisinau, 19/10/2020 - 18:00, UNIQUE ID: 201019_18
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Dear friends,

Congratulations with the launch of EU Green Week 2020!

The online events taking place on this occasion are an opportunity to bring our gratitude to Nature. Today, together with all of Europe, we say that it is time for - A new beginning for people and nature!

Together we are stronger! - for a cleaner environment, biodiversity conservation and green and sustainable economic development in harmony with Nature!

It is significant that the European Union, as a global leader in this field, launched the European Green Deal at the end of last year in response to climate and environmental challenges. The atmosphere is warming and the climate is changing more and more every year. Out of the eight million species of plants and animals on the planet, we risk losing one million. Forests and oceans are increasingly polluted and devastated.

The European Green Deal proposes an answer to these challenges. It presents a new growth strategy aimed at transforming the EU into a fair and prosperous society, with a modern, competitive and resource-efficient economy, with no net greenhouse gas emissions. in 2050 and in which the economic growth would be disengaged from the use of resources.

The Deal also aims to protect, conserve and strengthen the EU’s natural capital, as well as to protect the health and well-being of its citizens against environmental risks and related impacts. At the same time, the transition must be fair and inclusive, it must put people first and pay attention to the regions, industries and workers who will face the greatest difficulties. As it will bring substantial changes, the active participation of citizens and their confidence in the transition are of vital importance if we want policies to work and be accepted. A new deal is needed to bring Europe’s citizens together, in their full diversity, and for national, regional, local authorities, civil society and industry to work closely with EU institutions and advisory bodies.

The EU has the collective capacity to transform its economy and society in order to put them on a more sustainable path. The EU can build on its global leadership in climate and environmental measures, consumer protection and workers’ rights. Achieving additional emission reductions is a challenge. This will require massive public investment and increased efforts to direct private capital towards climate and environmental action, while avoiding the continuation of unsustainable practices. The EU must be at the forefront of coordinating international efforts to create a coherent financial system that supports the identification of sustainable solutions. These initial investments are also an opportunity to make Europe a decisive path in terms of sustainable and inclusive growth. The European Green Deal will accelerate and support the necessary transition in all sectors.

The process of implementing the European Green Pact included the development and approval of the new European Industrial Strategy, the Circular Economy Action Plan, the Farm to Fork Strategy, and of the new EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030.

With these achievements, the European Union has an additional opportunity to mark the European Green Week, coming with a strong message to its Eastern Partnership partners to promote the environmental values and encourage the acquisition of advanced European experience in this field.

We believe that in the light of the National Development Strategy “Moldova 2030”, the priorities of implementing the Association Agreement and the new opportunities within the Eastern Partnership beyond 2020 (Eastern Partnership beyond 2020) - promoting the benefits of environmental protection as a grounds for the sustainable economic growth would be a new step in the socio-economic development of the Republic of Moldova and in its relations with the European Union. Thus, we welcome the development vision of the Republic of Moldova for the upcoming decade, based on the following basic Pillars:

  • sustainable and inclusive economy;
  • robust human and social capital;
  • honest and efficient institutions;
  • healthy environment.

I would like to emphasize that the environmental protection is perceived in the EU as an intersectoral area, and the effective collaboration between the institutions involved at regional, national and local level will help to achieve the objectives set by aligning them with the priorities of the European Green Deal, the new European Industrial Strategy, the Circular Economy Action Plan, the Farm to Consumer Strategy and the new EU Biodiversity Conservation Strategy 2030

It is welcome that the Actions of the European Commission, launched a year ago at regional and national level two regional actions - EU4Environment (European Union for the Environment) and EU4Climate, also contribute to the achievement of these objectives, as well as to the promotion of the implementation of the Association Agreement. (European Climate Foundation)

EU4Environment regional project aims to assist the Eastern Partnership countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine in ensuring the sustainable use of natural capital, improving the quality of the environment and welfare of the population and the stimulation of economic growth. The project is implemented in 2019-2022 and has a total budget of about 20 million Euro for 6 countries and 5 implementing institutions (OECD, UN CEE, UN Environment, UNIDO and World Bank).

Coordinated by the European Commission (DG NEAR, DG Environment) at regional level and jointly agreed by the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment at national level, this project contributes multilaterally to strengthening the institutional framework in environmental management, the process of greening SMEs, the transfer of best practices in the field, the promotion of eco-innovation, eco-labeling, purer production and the expertise of the EU and the international organizations involved.

EU4Environment envisages the following current priorities, which will contribute to improving the environmental management and achieving the country’s current environmental goals:

  • ensuring the continuity of the dialogue and inter-ministerial collaboration for the implementation of the Program on promoting the green economy in the Republic of Moldova in 2018-2020;
  • improving the management of the state-protected natural areas and forests.

From the environmental point of view, the current situation and the potential plan for socio-economic recovery of the Republic of Moldova will require more efficiency in terms of energy and resource use, pollution reduction, public health insurance and counteracting the consequences of droughts.

On behalf of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova I would like to assure you that we will promote the continuity of this process at the regional and national level, in view of integrating the environmental protection and green economy principles in all sectors and at different levels, in order to support the sustainable economic development. and the well-being of the population of the Republic of Moldova.

Congratulations on the occasion of launching the EU Green Week in the Republic of Moldova! I wish you good health and a cleaner environment!

Peter Michalko



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