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Climate Change and Business Conference

27/08/2018 - 05:38
Conference/seminarBusiness event

A Zero Carbon Act and Climate Commission are on the horizon which take New Zealand on a path of profound change.

The 2018 Climate Change & Business Conference will explore the implications of a Zero Carbon Bill, and other drivers making sustainable business the only option for the future.

Government Ministers will present a stocktake of progress on the Zero Carbon Bill and the other pieces of the climate policy puzzle, which will then be analysed with a business and legal lens. International businesses that have set themselves apart on the basis of their climate and sustainability programmes, and thrived with the introduction of climate legislation will share insights into how kiwi business can do that too. Workshops will then delve into the more challenging issues: why should Board Directors care about climate change? What tools are there for leveraging finance for mitigation projects? Why is investing in EVs a good choice? How do you put together a business-scale combined mitigation and adaptation? How do you drive consumer demand for sustainable products and services?  What do you need to do to make sure your business can get insurance? Expert presentations from New Zealand and around the globe will provide the answers to these questions, and more, giving delegates’ options for how to begin the transition to reduce emissions and improve resilience within their own businesses.

For more information and to register to attend, visit the conference website.

09/10/2018 - 10/10/2018

Grand Millennium Hotel
71 Mayoral Drive

New Zealand