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Que font dans la même pièce un responsable religieux, un travailleur social, un universitaire et un militant de la société civile?


What are a religious leader, a social worker, a scholar and a civil society activist doing in the same room together?


The European Union deploys an Election Observation Mission (EOM) in the country to observe the general elections to be held on 15 October

The measures target the financial, energy and defence sectors, and the area of dual-use goods. They were originally introduced on 31 July 2014 for one year in response to Russia's actions destabilising the situation in Ukraine and strengthened in September 2014.

34-year-old taxi driver Omar Musa, was amongst 40,000 Libyans who, together with his family, had to flee from the city of Tawergha after the 2011 revolution in Libya. People were living in dire conditions in camps spread across the country. Seven years later, Omar was finally able to return home. “When I arrived I was not aware of the danger that I faced. However, I found billboards and posters on the walls near the entrance of the city with emergency phone numbers to report any explosive remnants of war. I did not really understand what that meant at the time." Indeed, in such situations, the EU supports projects to raise awareness about unexploded ordnances and mines, and to help clear people’s properties so that they can return safely home.

Government of Finland announces Funds for Local Cooperation (FLC) for Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan (

Правительство Финляндии объявляет о возможностях Фонда сотрудничества на местах (ФСМ) для Таджикистана, Туркменистана и Узбекистана (