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Natural resources belong to local communities not to militias. Since 2003, the EU and international partners representing 99% of the world’s diamond trade have joined forces to make sure that the production and trade of rough diamond contributes to peace and sustainable economic and human development. Through the Chairmanship this year, and a number of concrete projects, the EU is committed to prevent the trade in conflict diamonds and improve mining communities’ livelihoods.

Les ressources naturelles appartiennent aux populations locales, et non aux milices. Depuis 2003, l’UE et des partenaires internationaux représentant 99 % du commerce mondial de diamants ont uni leurs forces pour que la production et le commerce de diamants bruts contribuent à la paix et à un développement économique et humain durables. Dans le cadre de la présidence qu’elle assume cette année et d'une série d’actions concrètes, l’UE s’engage à empêcher le commerce des diamants de la guerre et à améliorer les moyens de subsistance des communautés minières.

For the next long-term EU budget 2021-2027, the European Commission is proposing to increase the external action budget to €123 billion, to significantly simplify its structure, and make it much more flexible and effective to address today's global challenges.

На следующий долгосрочный бюджетный период 2021–2027 гг. Европейская Комиссия предлагает увеличить до 123 млрд евро бюджет, который выделяется на деятельность ЕС, осуществляемую за пределами Союза, а также значительно упростить структуру бюджета и сделать его более гибким и эффективным для решения глобальных вызовов сегодняшнего дня.


The European Union is the world’s biggest donor of development assistance, the first trading partner and the first foreign investor for almost every country in the world. As a Union promoting peace, stability and exporting its values and rules, it is faced with many challenges as well as opportunities in an increasingly complex and connected world. Prosperity and peace in the EU’s neighbourhood has a positive impact on the EU’s own prosperity.

Officials of the EU and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency MSB signed on 30 May in Brussels the contract on a dedicated warehouse as of June. This will significantly improve the logistical support for the ten civilian CSDP Missions. Key equipment and logistical services can swiftly be made available to the 2,000 women and men in the field.

The European Union Election Observation Mission – Paraguay 2018 will donate computer equipment, office furniture and medical kits to eleven Paraguayan institutions worth about 770 million guaraníes. These equipments have been utilized by the Mission throughout its stay in Paraguay on the occasion of the observation of the general elections on April 22.