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Informe final de la Misión de Observación Electoral de la UE - Elecciones Generales 2017


Una delegación de la Misión de observación electoral de la Unión Europea en Honduras – 2017, encabezada por la jefa de Misión y eurodiputada Sra. Marisa Matias, llegó este sábado 3 de marzo a Tegucigalpa para hacer entrega a los poderes del Estado, las autoridades electorales, los partidos políticos y la sociedad civil del informe final con las conclusiones definitivas de observación de las elecciones generales del 26 de noviembre de 2017.



1 наурыз күні АСЕМ күні деп атап өтіледі , ол Азия мен Еуропа екі құрлығының арасындағы өзара құрмет пен тең әріптестікке негізделген байланыстың маңыздылығын белгілейді.

1 марта отмечается День взаимодействия Азии и Европы (День АСЕМ), призванный подчеркнуть важность связи двух континентов — Азии и Европы — на основе принципов равного партнерства и взаимного уважения.

March 1 marks ASEM Day, which celebrates the importance of connecting the two continents, Asia and Europe, based on the principles of equal partnership and mutual respect.

Countering piracy off the Somali coast, training Palestinian Civilian Police, advising the Iraqi government on civilian security, empowering Malian authorities to fight terrorism: 5,000 men and women work in challenging and at times dangerous circumstances to increase stability in Africa, Europe and the Middle-East. These civilians and military may serve far from home, but they contribute directly to our own security inside the European Union.

Pristina, 13 February 2018 - The European Union Election Observation Mission to Kosovo presented its Final Report on the 22 October 2017 local elections today. The report comprises an assessment of the entire electoral process and offers 22 recommendations to improve future electoral processes in Kosovo including 7 priority recommendations.