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EU staff dine with beneficiaries of cash-transfer programme in Palestine

28/06/2017 - 00:00
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EU Cash Transfer Programme supports the most vulnerable Palestinian families in the West Bank and Gaza.

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Throughout the Holy month of Ramadan, the Office of the European Union Representative in Jerusalem and the Ministry of Social Development joined hundreds of Palestinian families over Iftar. Ten Iftars were organized for the beneficiaries of the Cash Transfer Programme to which the EU is providing major contributions. The programme provides a basic safety-net to the poorest and most vulnerable Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza through cash and in-kind assistance. They were happy and special moments that we – European and Palestinians - celebrated together. Eid Saed!

Palestine, West Bank, Gaza, Ramadan, EU, development aid


Palestine, West Bank, Gaza, EU, Ramadan, Development


Palestine, West Bank, Gaza, EU, development