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EU and EIB: new and safer roads for Georgia

12/12/2018 - 10:21
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New project will provide technical support for new and safer roads to be built in Georgia.

Tbilisi 12 December: Representatives of the EU and EIB signed a new project to assist the development of newer and safer roads in Georgia.  

The Technical Assistance for Georgia Transport Connectivity (GTC) is a 7 year programme funded by the European Union with a total budget of EUR 6,136,000 (approx. 19 million GEL). In particular, this project will:

  • prepare the necessary technical studies necessary for new investments in the Georgian road network;
  • provide capacity-building and training to the staff of the Roads Department to support implementation of Georgia's national road programme;
  • conduct feasibility and design studies necessary to eliminate accident-prone road sections (blackspots).

Project activities are expected to start in January 2019.

Visiting Director for Neighbourhood East, European Commission, Lawrence Meredith noted: "Improved Road networks are a key element in economic development, creating connections between people and allowing exchanges and trade both within and outside the country.  This project will lay the groundwork for new and safer roads to be built throughout Georgia in the years to come". 

This project is the newest initiative in the EU and EIBs support to the road sector in Georgia. Since 2012, the EU and the EU Bank, the EIB have been supporting the rehabilitation of Georgian Transport network with over 68  km of roads on the East-West highway being built thanks to combined EU and EIB support.


For more information please contact:

  • European Investement Bank: Dusan Ondrejicka +352437921000
  • European Investment Bank: Nino Chergoleishvili +995 595 945 565
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