Eastern Partnership

"Together We Make Life Better" campaign

30/06/2018 - 09:47

The European Union and Belarus work in close cooperation to improve the quality of life of Belarusian citizens. Every year, a series of programmes are jointly carried out across Belarus to create more jobs, develop better conditions and foster new opportunities for all Belarusians. This communication campaign showcases some of the concrete benefits of EU-Belarus cooperation in the areas of economic growth, energy efficiency, and health.


-> Download the HD version of the animation (In Belarusian)



-> Download the print version of the poster on economic growth (In Belarusian)

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-> Download the print version of the poster on energy efficiency (In Belarusian)

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-> Download the print version of the poster on health (In Belarusian)

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More detailed information about EU funded projects in Belarus can be found here.


A series of five videos highlighting some of the EU-funded projects in Belarus is also available for download here: 


Energy efficiency in schools, Dziaržynsk:

Green economy, Niasviž Castle:

Green economy, Niasviž Castle (English version):

Eco-tourism, Slaŭharad:

Business support, Minsk:

Erasmus+, Minsk:


All these videos are produced in high-quality and are available in Russian. They are not subject to copyright  and can be used freely. 


All other campaign products are available in Belarusian, are not subject to copyright and can be used freely.


For more information about the campaign please contact:


Delegation of the European Union to Belarus



Claire Bigg

EU East Stratcom Task Force



Anneli Kimber

EU East Stratcom Task Force