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The International Women’s Day an occasion for everyone to come together and raise their voice for equal rights of women

07/03/2021 - 17:19
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The International Women’s Day is an occasion for everyone in Montenegro to come together and raise their voice for equal rights of women.

By speaking out for women’s rights and equality, we speak of our commitment to core democratic values and of our respect for fundamental rights of all human beings.

The European Union is in the forefront of the global efforts to achieve equal rights and opportunities for girls and women worldwide.

In Montenegro, we work with women’s rights activists, public authorities and politicians to prevent gender-based violence and create equal social, economic and political opportunities for girls and women across the country.

Violence is the worst form of injustice that many women and girls are still facing today. Unfortunately, violence against women remains a major occurrence of human rights violations in Montenegro.

Women are also frequently denied equal opportunities for political participation and leadership. In addition, women’s rate of empowerment both in the public and private sectors, and at all management levels, is worryingly low in Montenegro.

Whenever women are exposed to injustice, exclusion and denigration, the whole society suffers. This is because no country can realise its full potential when one half of the society is denied equal rights and opportunities.

That is why, now more than ever, everyone in the Montenegrin society, men in particular, need to stand up for women’s rights and gender equality. 

Buying flowers to women on this day is a nice gesture of love and appreciation. But, what is far more important is that we all do our part and take concrete action to ensure that women and girls in Montenegro can lead safer, healthier and more prosperous lives!

Srećan Dan žena!