Comoros and the EU

Conference “Russia and Europe in 2020. Preliminary results”

17/11/2020 - 10:31
Conference/seminarOnline activities

Online-conference “Russia and Europe in 2020. Preliminary results”, organised by International Memorial with the support of the EU Delegation to Russia, will take place on 27 November.

The conference will sum up the social and political results that are relevant for Russia and European countries in 2020.

Kirill Martynov (“Novaya Gazeta), Anna Tyomkina (European University in St. Petersburg), Iwona Reichardt (New Eastern Europe, Poland), Carine Clément (French National Centre for Scientific Research), Ivan Krastev (Centre for Liberal Studies, Sofia), Ralf Fücks (Zentrum Liberale Moderne, Berlin), Kirill Rogov (Liberal Mission Foundation, Moscow) will discuss negative dynamics of the last decade, which led to many crises in 2020.

The participants will also try to link the current situation with the hopes for a common European space of freedom and democracy 30 years ago.

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