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"GCCA+ Communication Award" to Comoros for short films featuring a typical Comorian family

24/10/2019 - 17:53
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At the Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA+) Regional Africa Conference in Kigali, Rwanda, Comoros received the “GCCA+ Communication Award” for awareness raising on climate change through seven short films and a comic strip featuring a typical Comorian family. 



These videos are part of a wider publicity campaign using radio, the internet and local press to attract the attention of the entire population to these issues and their challenges for Comoros and help them make the link their everyday actions with climate change. For this awareness, simple language and illustrations were used.



The EU’s flagship climate change initiative GCCA+ has been working in Comoros since 2014 helping to build resilience and adapt to the worst impacts, with a special focus on sustainable farming as part of the €3 million programme.



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