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EU helping Ghana, other African countries to fight organised crime

16/09/2021 - 19:45
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On 16 September, Anna Lixi, the Head of the Governance Section at the EU Delegation to Ghana, opened a two-day seminar on helping African partner countries, including Ghana, to step up their fight against transnational organised crime.


She mentioned that organised crime is the enemy of sustainable development, peace and democracy.  For this reason, the EU has recently adopted two new strategies that aim to tackle organised crime and drugs during the period 2021-2025. 

A key objective specified in these documents is to work with partner countries, including in Africa.  The United Nations is a trusted partner to implement EU activities in this area.  The UN Office on Drugs & Crime (UNODC) is implementing the Criminal Investigation and Criminal Justice Cooperation along the Cocaine Route (CRIMJUST) project.

Glen Prichard, the Coordinator of the CRIMJUST project, thanked the EU for its generous support.  He mentioned that the two-day training is about special investigation techniques, which will help enhance the capacities of law enforcement agencies to collect evidence against suspects and strengthen the case for prosecution and successful conviction. 

As criminals and criminal organisations operate across borders and trans-regionally –often without much hindrance-, it is important for law enforcement agencies to stay ahead and work with each other.  In this context, developing good working relationships among colleagues in different countries is important. 

The contacts built up at the training in Accra may be of great value and use, once officers go back to their home countries and start tackling ongoing and future international crime and drugs cases.  The objective of the CRIMJUST project is to facilitate this type of contact among law enforcement agencies, with the aim of supporting international criminal investigations and strengthening criminal justice. 


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