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Equipping our civilian CSDP Missions: the strategic warehouse in Central Sweden ensures streamlined logistics

18/12/2020 - 10:13
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Soft skin vehicles, personal protective equipment, medical kits, communication equipment and IT-hardware – these are among the equipment needed by the eleven civilian Missions deployed under the framework of the Common Security and Defence Policy. The working of 2,000 civilian women and men on three continents would not be possible without streamlined, modern logistics. The acquisition, delivery and inventory of equipment for the civilian CSDP Missions is since 2018 managed centrally by the strategic warehouse in Central Sweden.

Equipping our civilian CSDP Missions: the strategic warehouse in Southern Sweden ensures streamlined logistics

These logistics services are based on a contract between the European Commission and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency MSB, supported by the EEAS Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability for the technical aspects. By November 2020, the Warehouse had dispatched 162 transport orders for the civilian Missions and other EU actors such as EU Special Representatives.

In some Missions, it is of extra importance that the personnel have access to reliable vehicles. The former vehicle fleet is outdated and needs to be renewed. MSB handles the procurement, purchasing and transportation of new soft skin vehicles.

One of the Missions where MSB has sent the most shipments to is in Mali, where the EU assists the internal security forces with reasserting the government's authority over the whole of the country, following a crisis in Northern Mali that left large parts of the country under the control of various factions. The civilian EU Capacity Building Mission has been provided with for example personal communication and IT-equipment such as phones and computers, and personal protective equipment in the form of ballistic helmets and ballistic vests. The biggest shipment to Mali so far contained 51 pallets, which MSB flew autumn 2020 by a chartered plane from Örebro airport to Bamako.

The civilian EU Capacity Building Mission in Mali is one of the main recipients of material shipped from the Warehouse in Southern Sweden.

The logistics solution also includes an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) for all civilian CSDP Missions. The ERP system supports global inventory and a financial functionalities and will also be further augmented to include other functionalities as needed.

– We are picking up speed with the implementation of the ERP system in the Missions. By the end of the year 2021, a majority of the currently eleven Missions will have implemented the system. The release of the next version of the ERP is planned to the mid of 2021, and is based on user feedback and lessons learned, says Filip Staake, contract manager on the Logistics Section at MSB.

”The Warehouse 2 has been a success, allowing Missions to focus on their core tasks while giving CPCC the opportunity to further standardise our Missions’ way of working together”, explains Yannick Hartstein, the Project Manager for the Warehouse 2 Project in the EEAS. “Looking ahead, we are in the process of designing the concept for the next Warehouse project, which should come to fruition mid-2022.”


EU Member States have decided that the EU should have an increased capacity to plan and allocate resources for their civilian crisis management Missions. The Missions are part of the European Union’s Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency MSB supports the EU by upholding a comprehensive logistics service called the CSDP Warehouse II.
The CSDP Warehouse II contract provides the EU with the capacity to, within 30 days, deploy all the necessary equipment to start-up a new Mission of 200 people.
Equipment in the warehouse includes IT and communication equipment, personal protective equipment and medical supplies.
The CSDP Warehouse II contract manages all freight forwarding services from the CSDP Warehouse to the Missions and vice versa, as well as between the Missions.
The contract develops an Enterprise Resource Planning system for all CSDP Missions, with global inventory and financial functionalities. This system can be further augmented to include other functionalities as needed.
The warehouse facilities are located in Kristinehamn, Sweden, where MSB also has its own national warehouse complex. Here the Agency manages its resources for national and international support operations. The logistics service and Enterprise Resource Planning system are managed from MSB’s offices in Karlstad and Stockholm.