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EU celebrates World Bicycle Day with Salubungan sa SM: Sama-Sama sa bike safety

03/06/2021 - 03:45
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To mark World Bicycle Day, the EU Delegation to the Philippines, the Department of Transport, SM Malls and Firefly brigade have collaborated to strengthen the shared cycling culture of the Philippines and the European Union. “Together with our partners, we recognise the versatility of the bicycle, its reliability and environmentally fit sustainable means of transport, European Union Ambassador Luc Véron said.”

Cycling in Europe has become part of its culture, a sustainable mode of transport, and an effective way to reach the EU’s objective in reducing emissions by at least 40% by 2030.

The Philippines has committed in the Paris Agreement to reduce carbon emissions by 75% a target that is achievable with the efforts that the Government is implementing, among them the promotion of sustainable transport and cycling.

“Speaking from experience as I used my bike to work when I was in Europe, I can say that cycling combines several advantages: it is cheap, non-pollutant and healthy. Through this partnership we want to express our enthusiasm and support for the Filipino community in our shared endeavour of integrating cycling in our lifestyles, Ambassador Luc Véron said.”

Safety is paramount when cycling. This is one of the core reasons of our flagship project “Salubungan sa SM: Sama-Sama sa bike safety”  that will conduct several bike clinics focusing on safety measures for our cyclists during the Firefly Brigade’s 1,300 kilometre bike packing tour across 12 cities in Luzon. 




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