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Qalamoun in Colours

17/07/2020 - 16:59
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Abed El Wahad Faitaroun

Abed is a 20 year-old student from the Qalamoun neighbourhood in Tripoli. At the age of 9 month, Abed was severely burnt in a home accident, which resulted in the loss of both his hands. But this never stopped him from dreaming! With the support of his parents and the right medical care, he was able to continue his studies. 

Right after the project he told us: ‘I am starting university soon; it is my first year and I’ll major in computer science. I will earn around USD 800 from working for this project. This will be my pocket money for the beginning of this new journey,’ Now he has already enrolled and is taking is first exams.

Together with other talented young men and women, Abed has beautified Qalamoun with works of art and bright colours. They spent over two months painting façades in Qalamoun in return for cash. By doing so, not only did they improve their own lives, but they also made the neighbourhood a nicer place for others to live in.

Picture 1 of Abed: Abed El Wahad Faitarouni (20) © GIZ/ UDP_NL programme

Wafaa Mghayt

Wafaa Mghayt’s grandchildren live in Canada. She sends them pictures of Qalamoun´s streets on a daily basis.

‘They tell me that they cannot wait to come here during summer. They love the colours. It is great to see unemployed people from our village working, even if for a short period of time. It is not only the employed who are benefitting, but also the small shops in Qalamoun.’

Picture 2 of Wafaa: Wafaa Mghayt (60) © GIZ/ UDP_NL programme

With a positive social impact, ‘Qalamoun in Colours’ has become more than just a cash-for-work project. It brought the people of Qalamoun together by creating opportunities to support each other, improving local infrastructure and beautifying the neighbourhood.

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