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The EU and the Council of Europe working together for the consolidation of judicial independence and the rule of law

25/05/2020 - 12:54
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“If I tried to explain in one word the relations between the EU and the Council of Europe, I would use the word ‘care’. The EU cares about multilateralism and strong regionalism. We care about our continent and we have a dream to make this continent a strong field of human rights, rule of law and democracy” said Ambassador Meglena Kuneva earlier this year during an interview for the Council of Europe communication services, right after a meeting with future Georgian law professionals in the framework of the Partnership for Good Governance (PGG II) joint programme.

Ambassador Meglena Kuneva sharing her thoughts on the PGG II joint programme during an interview at the Council of Europe


Supporting judicial reforms and propping up democratic institutional standards are the key priorities of one of the most successful joint programmes established between the EU and the Council of Europe over the recent years. In its broadest scope, the PGG II aims to nurture and sustain free, effective, transparent and rule-of-law compliant governance as part of its strategic focus on the six countries of EU’s Eastern Partnership: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.

On 25 February 2020, several young judicial candidates from Georgia organized a study visit to Strasbourg in the framework of PGG II, themed "Supporting the criminal justice reforms – tackling criminal aspects of the judicial reforms in Georgia". Ambassador Kuneva had the opportunity to exchange with them on the subject of judicial independence and the rule of law as essential milestones in Georgia’s ongoing process of democratic consolidation. She pointed out that the EU would stick to its commitment towards the further democratization of the region and praised the role that the European Convention on Human Rights and the Court’s jurisprudence play in informing and guiding this process.

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