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Visiting the European External Action Service

10/06/2016 - 14:59

This page gives you information about visiting the EEAS Headquarters in Brussels.

As well as our many visitors who come for meetings, we also organise group visits for University students, journalists, think tanks, professionals and government officials. 

Due to the high demand requests should be made 3 months prior to your planned visit. 

University students requests should be made by a Professor or University Administration for a minimum of 15 students.


The main entrance of the EEAS building is:

9A Rond Point Schuman

1000 Brussels



See map

When arriving at the EEAS, please report to the reception desk to obtain your access badge. Please provide the name of the person you are visiting or meeting you are attending. Do not forget to bring an ID with you.


For people with reduced mobility:

  • As visitor you are kindly asked to register in the "Assistance in the event of evacuation" book available at the reception desk, reporting your arrival, departure and where you are going.
  • This procedure is carried out in the interests of the person concerned and with their consent.
  • In case of evacuation you should immediately phone 2222. We invite you to indicate where you are in the building and follow the instructions given.


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