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Russia: Statement by the Spokesperson on continued crackdown on the civil society

Brussels, 01/07/2021 - 19:38, UNIQUE ID: 210701_21
Statements by the Spokesperson

Recent decisions taken by the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office to list several non-governmental organisations, including the Prague-based Společnost Svobody Informace (Freedom of Information Society) as “undesirable organisations” is the latest confirmation of the Russian authorities’ disregard for a vibrant and independent civil society.

None of the activities of these NGOs justify such measures. The European Union has repeatedly condemned the Russian legislation on “undesirable organisations” and “foreign agents”. Both laws go against Russia's international obligations and human rights commitments and have a negative impact on the work of civil society in Russia.

We fully support the key role played by independent NGOs in developing mutual understanding across borders and improving relations between countries. It is vital to foster an open and inclusive environment for their growth.

The EU calls on the Russian authorities to reverse these decisions and to contribute to the promotion of people-to-people contacts to the benefit of both Russia and the European Union.