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36 Timorese journalists attended a training course on Information in the digital era, as part of the European Union project “Partnership to improve service delivery through strengthened Public Finance Management and Oversight (PFMO)


The close relationship between the European Union and Mozambique encompasses partnerships at bilateral, regional and global level. In its co-operation with Mozambique, the EU has been an active supporter of peace and security, as well as a leading actor in trade, investment, development cooperation and humanitarian aid.

In the framework of the 2019 Political Dialogue between the Republic of Mauritius and the European Union, the discussions on key areas of importance for the partnership between the EU and Mauritius were held on 13 June 2019 between


Fourth High Level Political Dialogue meeting in Brussels


Statement by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini on the International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace

Ten years ago, in December 2008 a piracy crisis off the coast of Somalia was close to its height. There were frequent attacks on container ships and boats carrying food aid for the country. The EU took its responsibility. For the first time in history an EU naval mission was deployed to protect vital shipping lanes and importantly the delivery of aid. Since then, humanitarian deliveries have reached the intended ports and security of commercial sea lanes drastically improved.


“There are many actors of positive change in Kenya. Right now the LGBT people who are pushing in a court case are at the forefront of it… making it public in a society that is very conservative… they're pushing for a reform that is needed and necessary for any human being so they are heroes in Kenya”, said Wanuri Kahiu, director of the film "Rafiki". Wanuri participated in a panel organised by the EEAS on LGBTI people and the SDGs during the European Development Days (5-6 June).


The European Union and Papua New Guinea held their third High Level Political Dialogue