European Union Delegation to the Republic of Zimbabwe

Programme Officer - Macro-Economist/Private Sector Development Specialist

21/03/2019 - 10:04
Contract agents

Under the direct responsibility of the Team Leader and reporting to the Head of Cooperation, the CA will contribute to: macro-economic analysis and reporting, preparing and implementing of development co-operation strategies, programmes and projects with a particular focus on economic reforms and private sector development. He will promote the job and growth compact particularly through the promotion of investment possibilities supported by the EIP. Applications (CV & motivation letter) to be sent to: (Please indicate your CAST candidate number in your application and mention the post number in subject line). Deadline is 31 March 2019.

Functions and duties


+ POLICY ANALYSIS - Sector analysis, strategy formulation and programming

• Collect and process macro-economic data and ensure regular and ad hoc reporting.

• Analyse policies and strategies in the specific domain.

• Support policy dialogue with relevant ministries, agencies, donors, lenders and other


• Contribute to formulation of policies, strategies, programmes and projects.


+ PROGRAM / PROCESS / PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Management and monitoring of

programme / projects

• Analyse, negotiate and process proposals for programmes and projects submitted by

Zimbabwean or national or regional entities.

• Prepare the decision of the Commission approving submitted proposals.

• Manage, monitor and evaluate the implementation of programmes and projects in line with

the conditions set out in the Commission’s decision and the objectives set in the

programme/ project. Analyse periodic and final implementation reports.

• Organise and ensure support to external experts concerned by the assigned work. Provide

assistance to the relevant regional, national or local authorities in implementing the

programmes and projects.

• Prepare and negotiate relevant updates / amendments of programmes and projects during

the implementation period.

• Encode entries accurately and comprehensively in CRIS and conduct the quality checks

(e.g. accuracy and comprehensiveness) of data entered in CRIS.


+ PROCUREMENT and CONTRACT MANAGEMENT - Preparation and management of calls for

tender & Financial management of programmes and projects

• Assist in preparing Terms of Reference, contract conditions and specifications. Assist in

launching, managing and monitoring tender procedures.

• Assist in evaluating tenders and in selecting contractors. Assist in negotiating technical and

financial aspects of contracts.

• Monitor contractual obligations (via periodic reviews, audits, reports, etc) and gather and

handle external expertise if and when required.

• Monitor the financial expenditure of projects as reported in cost statements and provide

reasonable assurance that claimed costs correspond to the work accomplished. Ensure

payments due are processed in time including verifying requests for payments and follow up

the execution process.

• Review and monitor financial aspects of contracts.

• Monitor and review programmes’ and projects’ budgets and financial time limits. Give the

operational visa “certified correct” on payment certificates.


+ REPRESENTATION, NEGOTIATION and PARTICIPATION - Representation, negotiation and


• Co-ordinate, share information and participate in working groups and task forces related to

the assigned portfolio.

• Represent the Delegation/Commission in management, steering, monitoring or similar


• Contribute to the coordination of programmes and projects with regional or national

authorities and development partners.

• Promote the concepts of aid effectiveness through coordination, harmonization, alignment

and sector wide approaches.


+ EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION (general) - Project dissemination activities

• Disseminate the Commission’s views, policies, strategies, objectives, agenda, etc. related to

development co-operation and other subject matters.

• Present and disseminate the achievements and results of programmes and projects in

workshops, seminars, conferences and other fora.

• Extract and disseminate best practices and facilitate exchange of experiences.

• Contribute to production of publications.

• Contribute to the proper visibility of the Delegation’s project activities.

• Contribute to the organisation and smooth passing of missions and/or visits by Commission

services or other entities related to assigned portfolio.


+ INTERNAL COMMUNICATION (general) - Sectoral reporting

• Report to the relevant Commission services on sector developments as well as on

programmes’ and projects’ progress and evolution.

• Contribute to recurrent reports and plans, e.g. Joint Annual Reports, External Assistance

Management Reports, Annual Work Plan.

• Support other teams of the Delegation with advice on technical subjects related to the core

responsibilities of the team.


+ HORIZONTAL COORDINATION - Inter-service Co-ordination

• Co-ordinate with other operational teams within the Teams of the Delegation for

programming, projects’ identification, formulation, missions, annual reviews and ad hoc or

periodic meetings.

• Co-ordinate with operational units at Commission Headquarters in shared areas of activity or

responsibility (e.g. projects implemented in the host country but managed centrally at HQ


• Support the Head of Delegation, the Head of Cooperation and the Team Leader in ensuring

sound contractual and financial management respecting relevant standards, instructions,

rules and regulations.


Job requirements





Job-Related experience: at least 5 years

Qualifier: essential

Professional experience pertinent to the duties to be carried out (e.g. macro-economic analysis/

reporting, private sector development and investment promotion) at least 3 years, relevant field

experience would be an advantage. Experience with blending and guaranty instruments such as

those promoted through the EIP would be a further asset.







Spoken interaction

Spoken production

















◦ Projects and programmes





• Communicating

◦ Ability to communicate in meetings

◦ Ability to understand and be understood

◦ Feel at ease in public

• Prioritising and Organising

◦ Capacity to deliver in a structured way

◦ Planning capacity

• Working with Others

◦ Ability to work in a team

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