European Union Delegation to the Republic of Zimbabwe

About the EU Delegation to Zimbabwe

16/05/2016 - 17:27
About us - structure and organisation

The Delegation in Zimbabwe is one of the 140 Delegations and Offices of the European Union across the globe.

The Delegation represents the European Union in all matters, informing on all activities of the Union and keeping its headquarters in Brussels abreast of significant local developments. It works closely with the EU Member States in Zimbabwe, and in particular, the country representing the EU Presidency. It also co-operates and co-ordinates activities with representatives of non-EU Member States and multilateral organisations.

One of the Delegation's main activities is to ensure the effective implementation of EU development assistance to Zimbabwe. Most programmes are financed under the European Development Fund (EDF), the main instrument for providing EU assistance to countries in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP), under the Cotonou Agreement. 



Welcome to the website of the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Zimbabwe.

The website presents updated information about the European Union in general and about its relationship and co-operation with Zimbabwe. It provides quick answers to frequently asked questions about the European Union: What is the EU? What are its institutions? What are our policies? What does the EU do in and how does it help Zimbabwe?

Within these pages you will indeed find relevant information about the EU-Zimbabwe relations; about EU's support to the national reform process; about the main features of our cooperation programmes in the various sectors where we are active; about our work with the local communities and civil society; and about our response to emergencies. If you wish to receive additional information about the EU, please do not hesitate to contact us through the email address provided.

We also welcome your comments and suggestions; these will enable us to improve the service we are providing and promote better co-operation and mutual understanding.

Thank you

Philippe Van Damme


Head of Delegation
Ambassador Philippe Van Damme
Head of Political, Press and Information section
Thomas von Handel
Head of Administration
Françoise Leroy
Head of Cooperation
Irene Giribaldi
Head of Economic Cooperation and Food Security
Thomas Opperer
Head of Governance & Social Sectors
Nick Taylor
Head of Finance and Contracts
Kerim Esen
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