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Opening remarks of Ambassador Mariani at the ElectriFi Workshop, 26 April 2016

Lusaka, 26/04/2016 - 00:00, UNIQUE ID: 170815_1
Speeches of the Ambassador

ElectriFi workshop, 26 April 2016: opening remarks from HoD


  • Greetings to PS Emeldah Chola, EU MS Ambassadors, government officials, representatives of development partners and private sector.

  • I’m glad to welcome all of you to this presentation on ElectriFi, which is a new financial instrument of the European Union designed to support investments in Renewable Energy worldwide.

  • I’m very pleased to inform you that Zambia is going to host the first awareness raising event on ElectriFi after it has become operational just less than two weeks ago (15 April – launch of the first call for proposals). Moreover this is one of the very first presentations in the African continent.

  • This confirms the importance we as European Union attach to our development cooperation with Zambia, and to support the Government of Zambia in addressing the power crisis in particular. This is certainly a priority for Zambia but it is also a priority for the development partners of Zambia.

  • We all know and recognize the importance for Zambia to diversify its source of power generation beyond hydro; and the room and opportunities which exist in terms of other, clean, renewable energies.

  • The importance of this new innovative instrument and hopes that the EU and other development partners put in it is demonstrated by the fact that the G7 leaders gave it their recognition at the June 2015 Summit.

  • I am sure you will find it of great interest and attractive also in terms of leveraging of financial means.

  • I’m not going to give you further, detailed, information on ElectriFi. This will be done by the colleagues who came specifically from Brussels to participate in the conference, present ElectriFI to you and answer to the possible questions you may have.

  • I trust that the information that will be provided and contacts which will be made during the workshop will encourage project developers in Zambia to participate in the present and future calls for proposals of ElectriFi.This will enhance the opportunities for Zambia to benefit from this innovative development instrument and allow its citizens to get better access to affordable and sustainable energy services. And, in the long run, will facilitate Zambia’s strides to diversify its energy generation portfolio.

  • Let me also take this opportunity to thank Stanbic Bank and the Ministry of Energy and Water Development for their understanding and flexibility to integrate ElectriFi presentation in the conference programme at a short notice.


Zikomo Kwambiri

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