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On this first International Day commemorating the victims of acts of violence based on religion or belief, we pay tribute to all those around the world who lost their lives and suffered attacks because of their religion or belief. Persecution as a response to religious belief or affiliation, or lack
An EU Election Follow-up Mission (EFM) was deployed from 27 May to 19 June in Zambia and was led by Cecile Kyenge, former Chief Observer of the 2016 EU Election Observation Mission (EU EOM). The EFM assessed the status of implementation of the recommendations of the EOM based on extensive
The Electoral Follow-up Mission (EFM) of the European Union (EU) has concluded its visit to the Republic of Zambia. The EFM was led by Mrs. Cecile Kyenge, Member of the European Parliament, supported by two electoral experts and two EU officials. Mrs Kyenge served as the Chief Observer of the EU
Human rights are at the heart of the European Union's external action and the EU reaffirms its role as a leading global proponent of the promotion and protection of human rights. On 13 May 2019, the Foreign Affairs Council adopted the EU's annual report on human rights and democracy in the
Another sporty week-end took place in the framework of the EU Month in Zambia! The Lusaka Schuman Trophy Football Tournament gathered 11 mixed-gender teams on Sunday 12 May 2019 for a social fun event. There were winners, losers, injuries, penalties, but most of all there were laugh and team spirit
Rehabilitation of the Central Warehouse- Medical Stores Limited in Zambia
This state-of-the-art facility, where 80% of all medicines from the public sector are stored before dispatch throughout the country, forms the backbone of the medicines supply chain in Zambia. The construction of the new warehouse and upgrade of existing facilities at MSL were supported through a
Supplying high-quality medicines to the people of Zambia
The European Union in Zambia supports the upgrade of the central warehouse at Medical Stores Limited (MSL) for a total amount of 4.8 million EUR. This documentary about MSL provides a good insight of MSL supply chain activities, its role and impact in the delivery of medicines to the people of
A motorbike ambulance driver making the difference in Zambia
Vuka Muleya is a volunteer motorbike ambulance driver for the Kafue Mission Rural Health Centre in Southern Zambia. Thanks to his efforts, particularly for pregnant women in the community, the lives of women and children are being saved through improved access to local government health services.
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In a more challenging global environment, the European Union needs to step up its actions to enhance its ability to prevent conflicts, build peace and strengthen international security. By proposing a new European Peace Facility (EPF) the European Union is taking another step towards cementing its
Questions & Answers: International Day for the elimination of violence against women
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2017 is a defining year for the partnership between Europe and Africa. In a rapidly changing global landscape, Africa is experiencing profound economic, political and societal changes, and its importance to the internal and external dimensions of Europe's security and prosperity is becoming
On 11 May 2019, 40 civil society organisations have participated with enthusiasm and commitment to the 3rd edition of the EU CSO Fair in Lusaka. The ambience was festive and has captured a lot of public attention. Hon. Elizabeth Phiri, Minister of Gender, H.E. Alessandro Mariani, Ambassador of the
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