Delegation of the European Union to Zambia and COMESA

EU election observers attend rallies, hold meetings with stakeholders

29/07/2016 - 12:03
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EU long-term observers are collecting information about the electoral process in all ten provinces of Zambia. The observers were deployed from Lusaka on 15 July, and since then they have been actively meeting local stakeholders, observing political rallies, and looking at all aspects of the electoral process.

EU EOM long-term election observer at a political rally in Kitwe, Copperbelt

The long-term election observers of the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) were deployed to their areas of responsibility two weeks ago. The observers, who are present in all ten provinces of Zambia, have spent this time on collecting information about all aspects of the electoral process.

The long-term observers are attending a number of rallies organized by various political parties, to learn more about the campaign environment in Zambia. They are also meeting on a regular basis with representatives of the different parties, and with election administration officials.

Meetings also include the representatives of the local or regional media, who play a key role in supplying information to the voters about the electoral process. Other electoral stakeholders, including civil society organizations, are also regularly contacted by the long-term observers.

The 24 long-term observers remain in their areas of responsibility to continue such meetings and other observation activities even after election day. They report their findings back to the EU EOM Core Team in Lusaka, where the mission’s experts use the collected information to prepare a comprehensive, independent and impartial analysis of the whole electoral process.

The initial findings of the mission will be presented to the Zambian people in a preliminary statement at a press conference shortly after elections day. A more comprehensive Final Report, including recommendations for future elections, will be published approximately two months after the end of the electoral process.