Delegation of the European Union to Zambia and COMESA

Speaking points of Ambassador Mariani at the EIP meeting with the Government Institutions, 27/05/2019

Lusaka, 27/05/2019 - 00:00, UNIQUE ID: 190528_8
Speeches of the Ambassador

EIP meeting with the Government Institutions, Lusaka, 27 May 2019 Speaking points by H.E. Alessandro Mariani Ambassador of the European Union to Zambia & COMESA

  • Thank you for joining us today for this outreach event dedicated to the Government institutions on the European External Investment Plan. I would like to thank especially the Secretary to the Treasury for gracing us with his presence today and the NAO team for the assistance they provided in organising this meeting.
  • As you will remember, we have already conducted consultations on this new EU initiative last year when we presented to you the basics of the initiative and asked for your opinion on how this fits into the Zambian context and how it could have worked in Zambia.
  • As a follow up, today, our colleagues from Brussels will go more into detail and present to you the state of play of the implementation of the EIP.
  • Let me remind you that the EIP is a strategic initiative which aims to facilitate private sector investments in Africa (in particular from the EU) in order to create jobs and sustainable growth. This will not only serve our common interests but will also allow us to contribute to eradicate poverty and reach the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The EIP encompasses the following elements:
    • The use of EU Funds to mobilise further resources from private sector but also from Financing Institutions and EU Member States in support of investments promotion (leverage effect) through guarantees and blending.
    • The support for policy dialogue to improve the business climate. This includes engaging with private sector and promoting private-public dialogue (support to legal, institutional/regulatory frameworks).
    • Specific Technical Assistance to support both the development/implementation of bankable projects and the enhancement of the business climate.
  • Let me conclude by saying that the EIP is extremely innovative and it is by far the best offer the EU has ever made. We count on your support to transform this strategic initiative into reality for the improvement of the lives of many.
  • Now I would like to give the floor to the Secretary to the Treasury to present us his opening remarks.
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