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EU Projects with Yemen

16/05/2016 - 17:30

The EU has a long history of Cooperation and friendship with Yemen, working together in a wide spectrum of fields ranging from support to Institutions at central and local level, contribution to the basic health sector, food security and resilience.

Since the beginning of the conflict in 2015, the EU Delegation Cooperation Section has kept its focus first and foremost on Yemeni citizens, supporting resilience of people and key institutions, with a special attention to agriculture livelihoods to enhance food security, and basic health and social protection services.

The on-going EU programmes in Yemen are the following:


Main FOCUS/ref AGENDA 2030

Amount in EUR

Enhancing resilience in Yemen. Enhancement of Food Security and Resilient Livelihoods Programme, (Decision 2013)



Enhancing Rural Resilience in Yemen. (Decision 2014)



Support to Yemen's health and population sector (Decision 2011)



Social protection mechanisms to increase communities' resilience in fragile environment (Decision 2016)



Enhancing rural resilience through the creation of a Community Health Workers Network in Yemen (Decision 2014)



Yemen Economic support programme. Approach for development finance enhancement. (Decision 2011) – suspension to be lifted in 2017




Enhancement of the Rule of Law, Human Rights and Gender Equality in the Republic of Yemen  (Decision 2010)







In 2017 four Special Measures programmes amounting to 55 M€ have been prepared. Three programmes focus will allow for continuation and expansion of the on-going programmes supporting resilience in the areas of (i) basic health services and in particular the urgent cholera response; (ii) livelihoods and food/nutrition security support in rural areas and (iii) now also expanded to urban areas, including job creation in the re-construction sector for youth. The fourth measure supports Yemenis in the area of local security and youth to complement the EU promoted political dialogue supporting stabilisation and peace building.

With a view to implementing the operationalisation of the humanitarian-development nexus the programmes have been developed in close coordination with the humanitarian service ECHO to complement and enhance the impact of the EU humanitarian assistance in focal sectors and geographical target areas whenever feasible. Furthermore, in line with the EU Approach to Resilience, the focus is maintained on the most vulnerable households and marginalised groups, through comprehensive rights-based approaches, facilitating their access to basic social services.



Main FOCUS/ AGENDA 2030 theme

Amount in EURO

Enhancing Resilience in Yemen: strengthening Health Services



Enhanced resilience of youth in urban centres



Responding to the Food and Nutrition Crisis and Strengthening Resilience in Yemen – complemented by EUR 15,000,000 from PROACT regional programme*


9,000,000 (+15,000,000)

Supporting the stabilisation of Yemen







Specific focus will be maintained on the inclusion of women and youth, and on a rights-based approach to address the needs of the vulnerable and marginalised groups.

Synopsis of ongoing projects

Title: Development, Social and Economic Priorities in Yemen during the Conflict and Post-conflict Period. A Track II Initiative.

Amount: EUR 1,200,000 (co-funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands)

Period: March 2017 – Feb 2019

Description: The project will convene a number of structured meetings with Yemeni development experts, develop a series of policy briefs and white papers on key economic, social and development priorities in the broader framework of human rights compliance. Furthermore this action will engage key stakeholders and reach out to the Yemeni public in an effort to enhance representation and participation of all parts of society, and positively influence local, regional and international development agendas in the country.

Title: Rebuilding Governance in Yemen

Amount: EUR 5,650,000

Period: Jan 2018 – Jan 2021

Description: this projects aims at enhancing the resilience and self-reliance of conflict affected communities, creating the conditions for long-term reconstruction and development through supporting civil society and local councils. Activities will target marginalized and hard-to-reach groups, women and rural CSOs. They will contribute to inclusive peace building, effective local governance and improved service delivery whilst supporting improved livelihoods for youth.


Title: Peace and dialogue support

Amount: EUR 9,000,000

Period: Jan 2018 – Jan 2021

Description: this project aims at supporting the peace process and dialogue at local level. Specifically it will: 1. Enhance capacity of civil society organisations in peace-building initiatives and selected mediation programmes; 2. Organise ad-hoc meetings among relevant Yemeni and international stakeholders to broaden consensus and increase the inclusivity and representativeness of peace talks; 3. Produce regular analysis papers on peacebuilding opportunities and share them with other relevant actors; 4. Establish a women's platform and enhance its members' capability to play a role in future peace dialogue.


Title: Supporting security at local level

Amount: EUR 3,000,000

Period: Jan 2018 – Jan 2021

Description: this action aims at improving inclusive local security approaches and structures. Specifically 1. Initiate and support Yemeni-led inclusive discussions on local security principles, frameworks and concepts in 4 cities (tentatively Aden, Mukalla, Sana’a, and Hudaidah). 2.Strengthen capacity of key local security providers, representatives of the judiciary and selected community representatives to assess, plan and implement different options of inclusive local security approaches.  3. Elaborate strategic frameworks on inclusive local security in 4 cities to a) provide hands-on support to the respective authorities (governor, security director) how to implement pilot activities and b) improve outreach and donor coordination.

Latest Projects

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