The Delegation of the European Union to Yemen

“When art exists during war, then it is our attempt to say: we want peace". #MakeArtNotWar

03/03/2019 - 09:28
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<p>The short-film produced by the Oscar-nominated Yemeni filmmaker Adurahman Hussein is part of an EU-funded project in cooperation with Saferworld. The film narrates the path of Yemeni artist Murad Subay who uses street art to inspire collective action to build peace.</p>

"Art won't feed people but it delivers a message and expresses the pain people feel"

The award-winning filmmaker Abdurahman Hussein has captured the intriguing path of the Yemeni street artist Murad Subay in a short-film funded by Saferworld and the EU. Subay challenges conventional thinking about Yemen as his graffiti addresses social and political issues in the country since the uprisings in 2011.

Subay continues even throughout the outbreak of the war in 2015 to create graffitis to give local voices a platform to inspire collective action for a better future for Yemenis.  He has transformed through his art the streets of Sana'a as a space for expressing hope, angst and desire for peace.

Peacebuilding through art

Art and culture have always been a way to convey peace and human rights. Following the year of #EuropeForCulture, the EU continues to support projects to promote Yemeni agents of culture – from artists, photographers and filmmakers – and preserve Yemen's cultural diversity. The short-film is only one of many EU-funded projects about, with and for Yemenis. In July 2018, the exhibition "Yemen through a European lens" paid tribute to the rich history of the country in the 19th century. Further, the photo and video exhibition "Jaw Ntjaber" directed at Yemeni amateur photographers and filmmakers aimed at giving Yemenis all over the world a voice to narrate their stories, daily challenges and concerns.

In these times of conflict, the EU stands by the people of Yemen and aims to empower Yemenis to shape their own future.

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