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Cultural Heritage Protection Workshop II - Protect your roots, create your future

Baghdad, 22/01/2019 - 09:04, UNIQUE ID: 190122_2
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European Union Advisory Mission to Iraq news note:

‘Protect your roots, create your future’

Cultural Heritage Protection Workshop II

22-24 January 2019, Baghdad


The European Union’s Advisory Mission on civilian security sector reform in Iraq (EUAM Iraq) continues its support for the protection of Iraq’s cultural heritage by running a second workshop on how to prevent and investigate heritage crimes. Failure to do so provides terrorists and other criminals with funds, emboldens them to continue destroying and looting, and undermines societal security by depriving the population of identity references. That is why EUAM Iraq assists the Iraqi authorities in tackling illicit trafficking and destruction of cultural goods, as part of its advisory efforts on countering terrorism and organised crime.


Building on EUAM Iraq’s workshop in June and the preceding ‘Blood Antiquities’ conference in Brussels, the workshop aims to further operationalise ideas and plans by exchanging practical examples of and perspectives on ongoing efforts. In particular, focus will be on three enablers of effective, efficient and sustainable cultural heritage protection work:

  • Databases and digitisation as tools for detection and investigation of heritage crimes as well as for information exchange on and in prevention of them.
  • A comprehensive approach incorporating legal, security, archaeological, funding and IT expertise.
  • International cooperation to prevent and counter trafficking in cultural artefacts as well as cross-boundary inspiration to destroy them.


Participants and speakers include both Iraqi and international experts, providing all with the opportunity to learn from each other’s diverse experience as well as to strengthen networks for future consultations. EUAM Iraq looks forward to three fruitful days that will enhance the collective protection of Iraq’s cultural heritage.



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