Permanent Mission of the European Union to
the World Trade Organization (WTO)



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Cecila Malmström, European Union Commissioner for Trade,
Michael Crowley, Omega Research Foundation and University of Bradford UK,
Barbara Bernath, Secretary General, Association for the Prevention of Torture,
Gerald Staberock, Secretary General, World Trade Organization Against Torture,
Andrew Clapham, Professor of International Law, Graduate Institute of International and Development

On behalf of the EU, I would like to welcome the Delegation of Canada, led by Ms. Kendal Hembroff (Director General – Trade Negotiations), and thank the WTO Secretariat and the Government of Canada for their reports. My appreciation is extended to the Discussant, the Ambassador Juan Carlos Gonzalez of Colombia, for his introductory remarks.

Across the globe, cultural, traditional or religious values continue to be used to justify persecution, discrimination, bullying and ill-treatment against LGBTI persons. Even in countries with legal protection, stigmatisation due to homophobia, transphobia and biphobia remains high. It is our duty to combat this, notably through our policies, concrete actions and communication, which should be inclusive, respectful and leaving no one behind.

Dear Colleagues,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Every year, on May 9th, we celebrate the anniversary of the Declaration in 1950 of the then French Foreign Affairs Minister, Robert Schuman, a declaration that is generally seen as the conception of the European Union.

On behalf of the European Union I would like to welcome the Delegation from Papua New Guinea, led by H.E. Mr. Joshua KALINOE (Ambassador, Permanent representative to the WTO, Embassy of Papua New Guinea, Brussels) and thank the Discussant, H.E. Mr. Martins KREITUS (Latvia), for his introductory words.