Permanent Mission of the European Union to
the World Trade Organization (WTO)


EU 2nd day statement by H.E. Mr. Marc Vanheukelen at the Trade Policy Review of the United States, 19 December 2018

Geneva, 19/12/2018 - 00:00, UNIQUE ID: 181219_7
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Thank you, Chair,

The 14th TPR of the United States is coming to an end. It has been lively discussion on trade policy issues which are important not only for the US, but many WTO Members.

We appreciate the hard work which the US delegation has put into replying to the numerous questions of Members. We thank the US for providing clarifications in response to our questions. The majority of them indeed address the substance of our concerns.

However, in some cases I must confess that the replies have not fully succeeded in providing the reassurance we are seeking in regard to certain US policies. For example, we would appreciate more detailed explanations on the WTO compatibility of certain aspects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, domestic support in the agricultural sector, and trade restrictive aspects of the USMCA. We have submitted a limited number of follow-up questions on these issues, as well as on Buy American, and two additional questions and we look forward to the replies.

On a positive note, we welcome the US commitment to continue its long record of leadership in the WTO that Ambassador Shea confirmed in his statement on Monday and today, including contributing to reforming the global trading system.

In fact, numerous Members on Monday expressed their readiness to work with the US to address the current shortcomings in the WTO. We appreciate this as we are firmly convinced that unilateral response will always be less effective than cooperation to achieve common goals and look forward to developing an agenda to lead this organisation out of its current troubles. We may disagree on some of the sources of current troubles, but solved they must be.

Chair, on behalf of the EU, I thank the US delegation for their active engagement in this important transparency exercise.


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