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Inauguration of the Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic System in Vo Thi Sau Primary School, Danang

Danang, 30/09/2019 - 05:15, UNIQUE ID: 190930_4
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EU Climate Diplomacy Week

In the morning of September 27, 2019, the project on “Development of Solar Energy in Da Nang” (DSED) officially inaugurated the rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system in Vo Thi Sau Primary School, Da Nang. This event took place in the context of the European Union Climate Diplomacy Week 2019, which aimed to raise public awareness on the urgent need, addressing climate change.

The solar PV system in Vo Thi Sau Primary School is funded by the European Union (EU) within the framework of the DSED project and implemented by Da Nang Energy Conservation and Technology Consultant Center.
The DSED project had selected four public facilities including Danang Hospital, Danang Oncology Hospital, Vo Thi Sau Primary School and Hoang Dieu Secondary School, to install pilot solar systems with total installed capacity of 8.25kWp/system. Besides, six households were also selected with total installed capacity of 2.75 kWp/system. All ten systems have been up and running since June 2019 and connected to the grid, providing a part of electricity comsumption of those selected public facilities and households.

Mr Koen Duchateau, Head of Cooperation Section of EU Delegation to Vietnam stressed that, “In the future, energy is expected to become the main source of Green House Gas (GHG) emission in Vietnam, projections showing that by 2030, Vietnam’s green house gas emissions could triple. The EU strongly commits and supports sustainable energy development in Vietnam, by actions that will enhance energy efficiency, increase the share of renewable energies and ensure access for all to energy at affordable prices, especially for the most disadvantaged groups.”

The pilot installation of ten rooftop solar PV systems resulted in GHG emission reduction of 34.96 tons CO2/year with total installed capacity of 49.5 kWP. Total generation output is 72,270 kWh/year, in which total 26 million dong is saved every year for each system (8.25 kWp) in public facilities, and 8.6 million dong for each system (2.75 kWp) in households.

Mr. Nguyen Thai Phong, rector of Vo Thi Sau Primary School revealed that, “After three months of pilot operation, the rooftop solar PV system has produced 3,561 kWh, which saved around 25 to 30% of the total power demand of our shool. The system not only helps protecting the environment, but in the meantime saves cost of average 2.2 million dong per month.”

As the overall demand for electricity is increasing, promoting rooftop solar PV system is one of the solutions to ensure electricity cost saving through self-supply, reduction of the pressure on the national power grid and environment protection.

The pilot solar energy systems installed by the EU-funded DSED project at public facilities and households places demonstrate the benefits of solar rooftop pannels investments, paving the way for development of clean and sustainable solar energy in Da Nang.

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