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EU supports discussions on Arms Trade Treaty among four ASEAN countries

03/02/2020 - 01:24
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Sixteen months after the entry into force of the Implementing Rules and Regulations giving full effect to the Strategic Trade Management Act, the fifth roadmap activity in the Philippines and second sub-regional seminar of the EU ATT Outreach Project co-implemented by Expertise France and BAFA took place in Manila on 28-29 and 30-31 January 2020, respectively.  It was organized jointly with the Office of the Special Envoy on Transnational Crime.

The fifth activity was dedicated to an exchange of experiences and views with Philippine and European experts on the implementation of the national legal framework and identification of potential amendments for ensuring that the system is in full compliance with the provisions of the Arms Trade Treaty.  It allowed for identifying possible adjustments aimed at clarifying the role and competences of the actors of the management of the controls.


The second sub-regional seminar was attended by Philippine, Cambodian, Malaysian and Thai delegations and consisted in an exchange of expertise on incentives for countries of the ASEAN region for ratifying the Arms Trade Treaty and implementing it with the support of all the stakeholders of these controls. The participants elaborated together a document aimed at these and addressing the most frequently asked questions in relation to both ratification and implementation of the Treaty.

These events met high levels of satisfaction from all national and regional actors, who committed to continue their efforts promoting general domestication of the ATT in their countries, with the expected continued support of the European Union.



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