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Materials and Trainers for High Impact Training

07/09/2015 - 00:00
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Developing high impact training materials and training trainers for training informal workers for jobs and income

Happy to teach new skills to others

"The success of a training project will stand or fall on the quality of the materials and trainers. We must invest time and effort in developing and supporting the writers to write innovative materials, and in finding and training the right trainers to deliver high impact, effective training."
Lisa Gordon-Davis, TVET expert, HITT project


Materials and Trainers for High Impact Training
Finding and training the right people to develop the materials is key to developing the correct type and quality of materials. Providing templates, samples and examples of other such materials helps to support the writing team. The development process may take longer than anticipated as the developers grapple with new methods and different approach to materials.


  • To develop a profile of the target participants including the context and needs and characteristics of informal and marginalized workers.
  • To increase local capacity to develop innovative training materials incorporating a range of innovative and active learning methods and creative materials and resources.
  • To develop relevant training materials that match the needs and profile of the target participants, and engage their interest, attention and motivation.
  • To train a cadre of trainers that are skilled in delivering high impact training using active methods and innovative materials and resources.
  • To deliver high impact training to targeted beneficiaries.


  • Training materials developed for seven clusters of occupations.
  • 693 trainers trained in high impact training methods and materials.
  • 85% average increase in income for all beneficiaries.
  • 9 290 beneficiaries from the informal sector trained
  • 139% increase in income for young beneficiaries.


Happy to teach new skills to others

"The HITT Training of Trainers course that I attended changed how I deliver training in my short courses and in my university classes. I learned the value of thorough preparation, and how to look for creative ways of teaching different types of subject matter. "I really like this approach to training, and the participants respond so well. We all have fun in the classroom and participants learn without realising that they are learning. As a HITT Master Trainer, I am very happy to teach these skills to others, and will continue to train using Active Learning and sharing this with other trainers."

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