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Women in the ECOBOMA project, funded by the European Union, are given the opportunity to ‘stand up and rise’

30/10/2019 - 11:36
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ECOBOMA supports communities in northern Tanzania to adapt to climate change and become more resilient to unpredictable weather patterns. Interventions introduced include income generating activities which embrace women, vegetable leather-tanning, savings and loans groups and meat drying groups as an example.



In 2018 a meat drying group called Emainyo which means ‘let’s stand up and rise’ and has 46 members (43 women

and 3 men) was set up in Losinoni Kati village in Arumeru District, Arusha District Council  (more story in the below attachment).

Alternative sources of energy provide women with more time in their day

Women traditionally bear the burden of collecting firewood used for domestic purposes in rural Tanzania. The rangeland environment in which pastoralists inhabit is harsh and unforgiving.

Continue here for more stories about Emainyo group and the burden of collecting firewood and the role played by some men like Filipo:


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